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Our latest Prayer requests updated May 2015
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Latest News Updated May 2015
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New Hope for Children
71 Howard Street
North Shields
Tyne & Wear
NE30 1AF


Tel: 0191 257 0313 / 07538 887 305

UK Registered Charity: 1124015


Current Projects

We are currently working on raising support for several new projects:

Leviticus Property - Exciting New Development. Building work has now begun on the Leviticus Project. Some of the Foundations have been laid and the concrete poured for columns and beams. A New 4 metre high door has been installed and our vehicles are being parked currently on this property. New plans are being drawn up and the foundation will soon be applying for permission to extend our building licence. Plans are to build: Ground Floor - Parking area for the Foundation's Vehicles, First Floor - School Lunch Room and large meeting and multi function room (Graduation, Special Birthdays, Weddings etc...), Second Floor - Sewing workshop (for Children learning to sew and also sewing projects such as school uniforms) and indoor soft play area for younger children, Third Floor - Mama Jeanene's Bakery (for children learning bakery skills) and also a "Teen Zone" an area where our teenagers can socialize in a safe and constructive environment. We hope to begin the main building work in January 2013, please help us to make this important project a reality.

Drama and Evangelism - We now have a very special and well established Child Drama Team through which we teach the Bible on our Humanitarian Outreach Missions. This is an incredible ministry and one which impacts the lives of many people through God's word. The team currently have several invitations for presentations at different locations nationally within Colombia.

Numbers House – There are several floors that need changing in our Numbers House. These floors are now old and in places the occasional hole has appeared. We would like to install new flooring. We will also be rewiring our Numbers House in November 2013 with the help of a LIFT team from Northern Ireland.

Water filters - We would very much like to change our industrial water filters in our homes. This helps to ensure that the water we provide for our children is clean and of the best quality possible.

Main help areas - 3 Children's Homes for 100 children from 0-Adults, Education - 1 School for 185 children (85 Externals that come from very poor areas of the city, the school is currently ranked "Above Superior"), Hunger Relief (600 meals a day), Humanitarian Outreach (Many poor families helped with donations or clothes, food, baby packs etc....), Health Care (The last Medical Mission helped almost 6,000 people in 9 days), Evangelism (Teaching the life changing word of God to the children and others).